Season 10, Episode 01 – “Go Nuts For Doughnuts”
Season ten opens with a trip to Five Daughters Bakery in Nashville that inspires Trisha Yearwood to make a doughnut-based menu, including Green Onion Cheddar Doughnuts, Doughnut Grilled Cheese, Tortellini Soup and an Iced Cafe Bombon. After the women at the shop help Trisha make doughnuts, she brings them to her kitchen to experiment and shares Galaxy Doughnuts with the crew.

Season 10, Episode 02 – “Camp Trisha”
Trisha Yearwood has always wanted to go camping with her glam squad, but the great outdoors can sometimes be not-so-great. Instead, she has invited them to Camp Trisha in her own backyard, with notched up versions of campfire favorites including Filet Mignon Chili, Grilled Corn with Jalapeno Butter, S’mores Fondue and Campfire Cocktails. With all the amenities of home, Trisha’s making camp a luxurious experience!

Season 10, Episode 03 – “Hawaiian Cookout”
Trisha Yearwood’s friends and glam-girls are in town, so she decides to have a little Hawaiian-themed cookout! They’ll cook some bodacious dishes inspired by their trips to Hawaii like Rum-Glazed Shrimp Skewers with Mint Chimichurri, Crunchy Slaw, Mai Tais, and Grilled Dessert Pizza.

Season 10, Episode 04 – “Breakfast Dinner Mash Up”
Today, Trisha Yearwood’s invited her friend and social media manager Bryan over as her official taste tester. They’re making wildly inventive meals that fuse together breakfast and dinner ingredients, such as Corn Cakes and Country Ham Scramble with Red Eye Gravy, a Flannel Hash, Sweet Smoky Hot Sauce, and a Peaches and Cream Trifle with Blueberry Sauce.

Season 10, Episode 05 – “Food Fast”
Trisha Yearwood invites pro racer Danica Patrick to make a pit stop in her kitchen! Trisha starts the day with recipes that are quick and easy to make, like a Cubano Sandwich with Quick Pickles, Pressure Cooker Potatoes with Smoky Aioli, Three Bean Salad with Lemon Dijon Vinaigrette, No-Bake Rocky Road Bars, and Mojitos. Danica arrives and helps Trisha in the kitchen, then Trisha ends the day with a surprise race.


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